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NOTE 1:  Some data (e.g., Consensus forecasts cannot be uploaded due to restrictions on the dissemination of these data.

NOTE 2: Figure 7.7 (page 283) has, for some reason, numbers on the horizontal axes instead of the country names. You will find the country names in the data files for Chapter 7.

The book was officially published July 17th, 2017. 
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A Chinese translation of the book is to be published*

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"The story of the role of central banks over the last decade is fascinating, and Pierre Siklos is very well placed to tell it. His great strengths are that he understands the important links between politics and central bank operations, and he gives a proper emphasis to the important development of the macro-prudential pillar of monetary policy." -- C.A.E. Goodhart, Professor in the Financial Markets Group, London School of Economics

"Central banks are changing. At the peak of their prestige during the Great Moderation, their target was low inflation, with financial stability and full employment expected to follow. Those expectations were disappointed by the Great Financial Crisis and the weak growth that followed. Professor Siklos' insightful analysis is recommended to those who would understand the experiences of central banks during these difficult times and their attempts to adapt to the new intellectual and structural environment." -- John Wood, Reynolds Professor of Economics, Wake Forest University

"Yes, central banks did step "into the breach" during the financial crisis and, as Pierre Siklos argues persuasively in this book, found themselves in a strange new world. Siklos' scholarship and knowledge of central banking are hard to match. Few people in the world could have written this book." -- Alan Blinder, Princeton University.

Oxford University Press (2017)

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1  Moderation Before the Storm - data for Chapter 1

Chapter 2  When Finance and the Real Economy Collide - data for Chapter 2

Chapter 3  The Anatomy of Financial Crises and the Role of Monetary Policy - data for Chapter 3

Chapter 4  The Decline of Simplicity and the Rise of Unorthodoxy -data for Chapter 4

Chapter 5  The Over-Burdened Central Bank and the Shift Away From Autonomy - data for Chapter 5

Chapter 6  Disquiet on All Fronts? data for Chapter 6

Chapter 7  Trust, But Verify - data for Chapter 7

Epilogue: The Twilight Zone? - no data

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